We are dedicated to the professional advancement of the Los Angeles Police Department by providing enhanced opportunities for training, education and equipment to the proud men and women of the LAPD.


The William H. Parker Los Angeles Police Foundation was established in 1966 as a memorial to the late Chief William H. Parker. Chief Parker professionalized the Los Angeles Police Department and provided leadership as Chief of Police for 14 years. He was a proponent of professional policing and community involvement and was the longest reigning Chief of Police in Los Angeles history.


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity, the Foundation's mission is to provide financial support to the dedicated men and women of the LAPD through training grants for specialized police courses and equipment. As a result, they are better able to protect and serve the community.


Technological advances are rapidly growing in the field of law enforcement. In order to keep pace with these advancements, supplemental funding is provided through The Parker Foundation to supply computers, software, diver wet suits, computer simulated officer training, advanced weapons to combat gang violence, and life saving training for volatile situations. We also provide funding for police leadership training, enabling police managers to make the right decisions at the right times.

The Parker Foundation offers invaluable training and supplies to the LAPD, assisting officers in being the best that law enforcement has to offer. In turn, they are better equipped to proudly serve our community.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS chiefbadgecut1

Ken Esteves - President

joelocojr@hotmail.com / 310-922-3546

Chris Arakel - 1st Vice-President

chriscapri1@gmail.com / 310-770-3626

Mark Grimm - Vice-President

markgrimm@sbcglobal.net / 626-488-0416

Angela M. Jubran - Vice-President

ajubran@ft.newyorklife.com / 909-282-9539

Joey Medina - Vice-President / Director of Media Productions

joeymedina@aol.com / 310-514-6869

Ann Young - Secretary

milolegs@aol.com / 323-292-9348

Steve Robinson - Treasurer

steverobinson834@gmail.com / 213-440-1511

Seymour M. Rosen - President Emeritus

terrytbird2003@yahoo.com / 818-760-8101

Paul Wetmore - Board Financial Advisor

paul_f_wetmore@ml.com / 213-236-2158

Maycielo Argota - Ambassador

maycielo1argota@gmail.com / 818-271-7611

Detective II Sterling Fields - Officer In Charge

30225@lapd.online / 323-276-2350

Regina J. Menez - Senior Clerk Typist

geenamobile@sbcglobal.net / 323-276-2350

Rom De Guzman - Board Director

rom4tax@gmail.com / 323-337-2077

Dr. Arnel M. Joaquin, M.D. - Board Director

arnelj@gmail.com / 213-880-3305

Brian Schofield - Board Director

brs471@gmail.com / 213-304-7298

Robert Alan Sheinbein -Board Director

rsheinbein@gmail.com / 310-628-8866

George Sugarman - Board Director

ghs@decorativecarpets.com /310-795-7000

Greg Bagiryan - Board Director

greg.bagiryan@unionbank.com / 213-236-5465

Eric Chang - Board Director

ericchang8168@gmail.com / 626-712-3698

Jennifer Diaz - Board Director

gigidiaz2003@gmail.com / 818-836-1955

Zak Fridlender - Board Director

wcivannuys@aol.com / 818-785-2001

Gregory B. Gershuni - Board Director

ggershuni@aol.com / 310-344-2075

Pauline MacLean - Board Director

pauline.maclean@atirestoration.com /818-290-9446

Terri Luong - Board Director

terriluong626@gmail.com / 626-353-7047

Edward O. Lanchantin - Board Director

elanchantin@cosmi.com / 213-479-8660

Scott LaChasse - Board Director

rslachasse@aol.com / 323-216-9260

Karen Yu - Board Director

karen@royalservice.com / 626-627-0223

Neema Mahdavian - Board Director

neema.mahdavian@usbank.com / 310-497-2770

Robert Abernethy - Board Director

RAbernethy@techcenter.net / 310-698-3400

Paula Trickey- Board Director


David J. Yi -Board Director

david@jacksgt.com / 818- 845-7733

Mario B. Flores -Board Director


Angelo Mazzone III - Board Director

Amm3@msn.com /310-663-4788

Don Tillman - Board Director

McCarCo@aol.com / 818-429-0053

Dave Fryar - Board Director

david.lapm@gmail.com / 818-388-9224