About Us

Our mission is to ensure the LAPD has the best training, technology and upgrades, and education available. We do this through public outreach and donations.

Who Was William H Parker?

William H Parker was the chief of police in LA from 1950 to 1964. Chief Parker professionalized the Los Angeles Police Department and provided leadership as Chief of Police for 14 years. He was a proponent of professional policing and community involvement and was the longest reigning Chief of Police in Los Angeles history.


By donating to the William H Parker LAPD Foundation, you not only help the men and women who work on our police force, you also help the wonderful community that they work inside.

Advances in technology is rapidly growing in the field of law enforcement as well as other fields including forensics, cadaver retrieval and weapons manufacturing. In order to keep pace with these improvements, additional funding is provided through The Parker Foundation by people like you. The donations allow us to supply new computers, laptops, body cameras, advanced weapons and tactics trainings, and life saving training for potential volatile situations.

Donations also provide money for police leadership training, which enables managers to make split second choices that can affect our citizens.

The Parker Foundation has and always will provide intense training and new equipment to the LAPD. These trainings and equipment can make a real-world difference to not only the officers, but to the public as well.