Just over 96% of the Los Angeles Police Departments yearly budget is spent on personnel, which leaves less than 4% for new equipment purchases, training opportunities and technology upgrades. The William H Parker Foundation is dedicated to the improvement and advancement of the LAPD. With help from donations, we’re able to increase trainings and technology for the brave men and woman that take care of our beautiful city. We can also utilize your generous donations to upgrade old and outdated equipment.

Here are some of the things your donation will go towards:

  • Community Based Policing Programs
  • Riot and Crowd Control Trainings
  • K-9 Trainings
  • Explosives and Bomb Trainings
  • Hazardous Materials and Chemical Spill Trainings and Upgrades
  • Central LA Safer Cities Program
  • Investigations including, gangs, homicide, child abuse, sexual assault and stalking
  • Narcotics

Ways to Donate

You can donate by sending a check to The William H Parker LAPD Foundation and mailing it to our corporate offices at 1880 N. Academy Dr. Los Angeles, CA 9001

You can also donate by finding us on CashApp.